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About Us


Onyx Lifestyle brand was established by an aspiring black couple from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wanting to brand a line of beauty products and supplies that would not only enhance and explore, but help empower the black culture. The brand was designed to cater to the beauty needs and desires of black woman, men, and children.



BE BOLD is used to encourage our black culture to continue to go out in this world and display your individuality.
BE BEAUTIFUL is used to empower our black culture to continue to stand its ground and go against the grain of society where beauty is based on community consensus.
BE YOU is used to explore what makes you happy, feel, and look good in order to continue to enhance the exquisite black culture.

"Black Onyx Stone, a prevailing stone, assists in forcing out negative thoughts and energy originating from the most devitalizing and venomous emotion of them all...fear." - Onyx Lifestyle 

Onyx Lifestyle Originals