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The Onyx Story


Before Onyx Lifestyle Brand existed and before this journey to provide real beauty solutions to our community, I was just like you! I am a single Black Mother working hard to manage my family, career and my beauty needs. Looking good is a form of therapy for me and I kept being totally disgusted with the level of customer service and quality of hair vendors online and in our local community. I looked around my greater Pittsburgh region and I recognized that many of the hair stores were not owned or run by Black people and the level of respect and customer service was something that was unacceptable. We were not allowed to touch the products, charged full price and treated rudely. No investment back into our communities or families was happening. When I went online and looked for reliable hair stores I quickly got sent to marketplaces I had never used, lengthy shipping times, confusing reviews and poor communication.

I decided that I stop complaining and get in the game. I knew there was great hair out there and we found it! From my career as cancer lab technician, i knew how to manage logistic, getting faster shipping by balancing our international & national inventory. I knew my man and partner knew how to code and he will do whatever I tell him to do. LOL!!  We stepped out on faith and belief that we could solve our own problems, stimulate business in the Black community and most importantly provide stress-free hair shopping for our community.



Our value centers around our reliable quality, our financial solutions giving our Onyx Family the flexibility and the ability to better budget our beauty expenses and our authentic customer service. Our desire is to provide US the quality service we were not getting from our own online and in person shopping experiences.




BE BOLD is used to encourage our black culture to continue to go out in this world and display your individuality.
BE BEAUTIFUL is used to empower our black culture to continue to stand its ground and go against the grain of society where beauty is based on community consensus.
BE YOU is used to explore what makes you happy, feel, and look good in order to continue to enhance the exquisite black culture.


Onyx Lifestyle aims to expand our business to service women throughout the African Diaspora, expanding beyond our base in the United States. We are looking to develop an online directory of stylists & installers for our clients. We would like to be the world’s #1 Black-owned source for ethically sourced human hair extensions and wigs.


"the Black Onyx stone forces out negative thoughts and energy originating from the most venomous emotion of them all...fear."

- Onyx Lifestyle 

Onyx Lifestyle Originals